Strategic Coach for the Balanced Leader

Strategic Coach for the Balanced Leader

Create a simple strategic plan to
get where you want to go


You’re a savvy achiever with a big vision.
You have heaps of resources and ideas, but there is one challenge:

You’re unsure about how to get from point A to point B, and your old strategies aren’t working anymore.

You are yearning for

  • Clarity to see the real opportunity

  • Fresh perspective on the alternatives

  • Inspiration, ideas, and solutions

  • Practical advice for aligning advocates

  • Consideration for risks and rewards

  • A game plan to achieve your big vision


You deserve distinguished strategic guidance to make your vision a reality

With functional tools, practical applications, and measures for accountability, you will up-level your approach and outcomes.


Hi, I’m Briana Pompei

I’ve been hired as a strategic advisor to hundreds of executives at the world’s leading companies who trust me for discrete, personalized, practical advice. Like you, many have increasing responsibilities, without the support needed to make informed decisions for career and business and life. I have weathered many personal and professional storms and risen from the ashes of deep struggles and setbacks. Clients often hire me because of my analytical and practical experience, and they retain me because I am responsive to their needs, easy to work with, and I develop the big ideas while paying attention the smallest details.


Level up to extraordinary

To effectively help you make well informed decisions, I first gain a deep understanding of your unique opportunities, needs, and goals. This allows us to create compelling and inspiring plans to help you achieve your audacious goals.


Total Results Mentorship

You are looking for 1:1 coaching to transform your business and your life into its fullest potential


Project Fulfillment Workshop

You have a specific project and goal to accomplish and you need structure and accountability to get from point A to B


On Demand


You want a strategic advisor ready at a moment’s notice to play out some scenarios, discuss some alternatives, and create a game plan


Professional brand coaching

You’re navigating a transition in your career, and you need to reshape your reputation


Get free advice for your specific opportunity

Contact me with a specific question, and I will provide 20 minute complimentary laser-coaching via phone or Zoom.